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Is your accent keeping you from achieving your personal or

professional potential?  


At Sound Success Accent Reduction,

we can help you to SUCCEED.






When we communicate clearly, our message is heard and our expertise can be shared.  But for those with accented speech, daily interactions can be a source of great frustration and embarrassment, as they are either misunderstood or worse, underestimated.  


Whether you are a foreign-born professional whose first language is not English, or a native speaker with a strong regional accent, opportunities for advancement may slip away merely because communication of your thoughts is unclear.  The physician who is unable to clearly articulate medical instructions may unintentionally endanger the health of their patient.  A lecturing university professor may wonder why their students gaze back with blank stares and consistently test poorly on lecture material.  Whatever your profession, no amount of training or degrees earned hold functional value if your brilliance cannot be communicated clearly to others.


At Sound Success Accent Reduction, our goal is to help you succeed.  Picking up where traditional ESL (English as a Second Language) courses leave off, our accent reduction (also known as accent modification) program is designed to modify your foreign or regional accent so that your conversational English is clearly understood.    


Let us help you unleash your potential. Make a commitment to your SOUND SUCCESS.





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