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Our Approach



Utilizing the internationally renowned Compton P-ESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) method, Sound Success Accent Reduction provides comprehensive accent assessment and accent modification training to the foreign-born individual. Developed by  

                                               , Director of the Institute of Language and Phonology, the Compton P-ESL Program is based on more than 20 years of linguistic research and teaching and is offered exclusively by speech pathologists who have been trained and certified by the Institute of Language and Phonology to offer this program.


Beginning where traditional English as a Second Language (ESL) courses end, our accent training approach is designed to teach non-native English speakers how to produce the speech sounds and intonation patterns of Standard American English. All courses are fully customized to the client's specific accent patterns and level of pronunciation proficiency.  



As a client of our program, you can expect the following:


  • An initial interview and audio recording of your speech using a microphone and an on-line recording device

  • A completely individualized learning program based on a phonetic analysis of your recorded speech

  • A comprehensive set of practice exercises in an interactive online practice format for use between sessions (this online practice program is available to you 24/7 for the duration of the course) 

  • A training manual 

  • Recordings of customized practice words and phrases which you find particularly important to learn

  • Weekly meetings with your instructor (either online or in person) targeting specific speech sounds and appropriate speech modification techniques

  • An audio-recorded reevaluation at the end of the course to provide an objective measure of your success 

  • A minumum of 50% improvement in your pronunciation of American English can be expected upon completion of the course and all assignments (true for ALL programs) 

  • A self-study program for continuing your improvement when the course is complete


To modify a foreign accent takes hard work and dedication. It cannot be done in the classroom alone. To achieve the greatest improvement possible, the client must commit to practice outside of classtime using the training materials provided.


Sound Success Accent Reduction offers services to clients world-wide via Zoom or FaceTime video-conferencing, and also offers the option to meet in person with clients who are local to the Boston area.  

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